Charity Day @ Lambourne End Outdoor Centre

A group of over 20 of us from Corporate System IT @ Credit Suisse spent a “Charity Day” at the Lambourne End Outdoor Centre today.

The day starts with a long tube journey to the far end of Central Line to Hainault, a mini-bus picked us up for a 10 mins drive to the Centre, which is for youth, children, special needs kids, church groups, elderly, etc.  It is an outdoor centre with a working harm.

People from Credit Suisse went there last year too.  Like last year we tried to help to make the centre better!  Some of us helped with soil work.  My group went to help with digging some big holes for potholing.  It’s a tough day with real hard labour.  We also helped with moving 3 big log (1 tonne each??) of trees!  What is the reward??  A few nice Barbeque lunch with fresh local meat produce and a tour round the centre with cattles, pigs, ducks, ponny, sheep, etc….  I am going to upload some photos to my gallery, so watch this space!

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