Trip to Hong Kong

Gladys got offered a temp job whilst on holiday in Hong Kong with the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She was just left with 3 days to fly back to the UK to pack her stuff and fly back to start work.

 I booked myself on the inaugural flight with Oasis Hong Kong Airlines on 26-Oct-06 from London Gatwick.  The inaugural inbound flight was delayed due to last minute revocation of overflight rights by the Russian authorities.  My flight was due to take off on 20:10, but was told at checkin that my flight is delayed to 21:30.  The flight did not leave the stand until 23:00 eventually:

  • Initially delayed by same overflight rights issue
  • Then, they had to off load 23 passengers.  Towards the end of the flight, the captain announced it was due to ground crew damaging one of the emergency evacuation slides

Oasis Hong Kong's inaugural flight from London to Hong Kong

Well, it was due to this that as I entered the aircraft, I was told “Seat anywhere you like in our business class”.  Well, it’s not as comfortable as the “Flat bed” with BA or Cathay Pacific, but by far better than Economy Plus of other airlines! Though, I was offered only economy meals, and the Chinese Chicken rice tasted as if it was soaked in soy sauce and salt!

The flight landed 4 hours late, although the crews are courteous, offering free drinks and toothpaste, etc., as well as a “welcome” card from the Chairman, chief pilot and CEO.

I was just in Hong Kong for a week, so don’t have time to see everyone, though I managed to see most of my family and friends.

Went to Lamma Island for a short hike and seafood lunch as well as my mum’s birthday dinner. And flew back on the flight 08 700 on 01Nov06.  Sadly, the flight which was due to land 06:20 did not touch down until 08:05.  Although, I am much more impressed by the food,”Dim Sum” for dinner and “dim Sum” + fried noodles for breakfast.  Though, no free dirnks and no toothpaste or toothbrush this time!  The seat 46A on the exit row I booked with online checkin was not comfortable at all, so I moved to some free seats nearby.  There seem to be quite a few around! 

Overall, I recommend Oasis, though not very impressed by the delays!  And currently, the exchange rate meant it is cheaper to book on the Hong Kong’s website paying Hong Kong dollars then in pounds sterling!

Check out some photos I took in Hong Kong.

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